How to effectively use your 86400 seconds and not regret it.

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When I offered two types of scenarios with the same time frame, people wanted to do different things in the same 86400 seconds (1 Day).

I initially questioned how they will spend a day effectively as a typical day and how they will when they consider it their last day of life and the response was very different from one another.

Thinking it was their last day, they focus on the things that they always wanted to do irrespective of what others have to say or think, but considering a typical day, the decision and selection of works have more of external influence and society’s judgments.

When questioned why not to live each day of your life like the last day, people wished they could but had to bring in reasons to why not to live the way they wanted.


From the response, I can see that people are very less hesitant to postpone things that make them happy whenever they have a significant amount of time.  They also mentioned the challenges in making a living out of their passion and the fear to step out of their comfort zones compels them to live a life they hate

Even though they know what to do and how to make their existence meaningful, they still choose to be in the vicious circle and blame others subconsciously.

Why do we give more value to us only when our life is about to end and not while we live, why are our feelings and emotions valued only when we are not anymore, why do we ignore our instincts for temporary comforts, Why do we only regret the chances we missed?

I can understand the challenges and the responsibilities that people carry with them, which are compelling them from following their passion. 

But we will always have some problems and responsibilities until we die, same as the commitment to our responsibilities. It is also equally important how we manage our desires and interests.

So considering practicality, I did bring up some of the best practices on how you can spend 86400 seconds effectively and not regret wasting another day in life.

Fix your priorities:

Setting your priorities is the critical factor that decides how your day goes. You will come up with new challenges throughout the day that can stop you from doing things you want.

Set priorities and allocate time to do things you know are important to you.

You can save time by reducing your scrolling time on Instagram, getting into an unwanted conversation on whatsapp, by killing your movie time, being always available for everyone anytime.

Best time to fix your priorities is soon after you wake up and decide how you want your day to go on.

Tick one checkbox per day:

Its time you force yourself to do all the things you never could put into actions because of your insecurities and self-doubts.

You may be the type of person who keeps your feelings and emotions to yourself, so others don’t see you vulnerable, and it’s alright. When you stop yourself from expressing, you accumulate thoughts that need to flow out, and you are in a cloudy mindset of what matters to you.

Start today, make a list of things that you want to say and do. Start doing it one by one each day. Indeed, everything won’t go as you expected it to be.

You already know that action is better than regrets, so do it anyway.

Invest yourself in others: 

You are remembered by the memories you leave behind more than money, whenever you spend time with someone, you invest a bit of yourself in them and that lasts till the end. 

When you spend time with people around you bonds root deeper and you form an impeccable attachment with whoever it may be a friend, family or a colleague.

Work on making money out of passion:

You may or may not be in a job that you are doing out of passion and love. If you hate your job, you should start to seriously work on finding what you like, develop your talent on the field and start to make a living out of it.

You spend most of the 86400 seconds travelling to and working in an office environment. it is true that you become what you do for most of your day, when you fill it with the miserable work experience, your life becomes more miserable and it’s not a surprise that your life is less exciting and boring.

If you are already in a job you love and pretty excited, try to improvise and be creative every day. Feel yourself lucky as most of the people have no clue what they want.

Take only the experience forward:

You should start every day with a fresh mindset without the influence of any of the unfortunate incidents of yesterday. If the present day has a negative impact because of past memories, you ruin what you have with you now.

Leave the suffering behind and forgive people even if they don’t ask you. With the experience you gained, face the present with confidence and do justice for the 86400 seconds.

Have your Lone time every day: 

You can be entirely honest with yourself and know what you want to do or become, only when you are alone. It is easy to lose track of your instinct when you are around people and convince yourself to do different things as per the opinion of others.

When you are alone, take a deep breath, and think about your current life and where you want it to be, once you have an idea make small steps towards it day by day.

You don’t always have to think or be serious, you can enjoy your own company by doing little things that relax you like listening to your favourite song, dancing to music, singing along with the headphones on, reading a book or playing a game in your 86400 seconds.

Move your body: 

Allocate at least 30 min in your 86400 seconds to do any physical work. This encourages a healthy lifestyle and helps you to be free from obesity, heart diseases, diabetic, blood pressure, and any other poor lifestyle habits.

In case of a hectic routine, you can practice meditation and pranayama’s. It promotes healthy body development, improves flexibly and balance, boost concentration and thinking capacity, relieves stress and improves postures.

You must spend time exercising for a better and healthy tomorrow.

Learn something new: 

Put something new into your mind every day. When you learn new things, your mind operates better and makes you into a person who can think and work more efficiently than who you were yesterday.

Having thought of superiority over others can harm your living and mindset. Life is a journey where you learn new things on the way and that’s how it is lived.

Proper sleep and food: 

Have an appropriate cycle of sleep for a fresh start. It is debated widely, how much sleep is required and is sufficient. We have come across people who sleep from 3 to 8 hours and more per day to feel relaxed and refreshing.

Take an appropriate amount of sleep based on your activity level. Make sure you have at least three proper meals per day, as you need the energy to do all your prioritized work efficiently.

Final Thoughts:

You may think that in your 86400 seconds keeping up with it daily can itself be a hectic task.

But it is a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You don’t have to allocate an hour for every habit mentioned here and feel bad when you fail to meet them.

Spend anywhere between 5 min to 2 hours per day doing what you love to step into another space of life.

You can miss one or two things, but I can assure you that if you integrate the things mentioned above in your day to day life, you will never regret about how you missed your yesterday and you will be happy

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