Who are you and why did you start this site?

All of a sudden it appeared weird to me that we are only identified by what we do rather than what we are.

 To maintain the social image we created, we continue to hide in the shadows of the fake actuality, waiting for a perfect time to showcase our true selves.

After questioning myself a million times I realized that there is not just one thing that I want to be but a lot of things together. But mostly I have been putting in more time and effort on things that are socially agreeable by people and focusing less on what matters most to me. Glad I found it much earlier that if I don’t act now I won’t have a better time to start again.

So I started this website as a souvenir for realizing that we can be anything we want and if we don’t know what we are up to it’s time to start exploring the opportunities that lie ahead of us. This website will be a place where I express and tell people about the things that I feel are important.

Oh yes! I almost forgot the first part of the question.

Hello! I am Vignesh Mohan from Chennai, India. I am currently working on understanding human emotions and finding the best ways to tell people why we fail to live the life we want.

I like to write Self-Improvement blogs and free verse. I believe if we stay in touch for a while I can help you to believe in yourself and prove how much your existence makes a significant impact on the universe.

vignesh mohan

Do you have a degree in philosophy or have any official qualifications?

No I don’t, nor I am a doctor, I tend to give ideas and solutions based on my studies and findings. These posts are not a substitution for therapy, these posts are meant for additional support and knowledge. No method works for everyone, you can leave what you read here if you think it won’t work for you.

vignesh mohan

Why do you think people should pay attention to what you have to say?

Never like before, human emotions and desires are misguided and manipulated. Remember the times when you purchased a product online and never used it after the first time… chose a career path believing that it was what you always wanted and ended up feeling wasted after few days…changing opinion in the last few days and casting a vote to a candidate who was never even in your consideration in the first place

My contents will be focusing on providing ideas that can help you to break the harmful stereotypes and unlearn all the detrimental beliefs.

Why are motivational speakers mostly vegan?

No they are not. I just made this up… Because I could find anything to fill this space so I thought I could use this question. Coming to this.

We all can eat whatever we want… Except bats…  don’t touch the bats again… Leave them alone.

There are a lot of great motivational speakers and Blog writers already, what makes you think that the world needs you?

We have billions of people living on this planet, where motivational speakers and leaders are proving thousands of ideas everyday yet we can see that the depression and anxiety rate hitting new highs year after year. I always had this insane desire to help and discover new ways to help people out of their miseries. As mentioned earlier, I believe that each people are unique and the same techniques and methodology don’t work for everyone. So I focus on exploring and setting up my ways of telling and growing along with the people around me by posting content on self-development, mindful living, and relationships.

What are your hobbies?

I like to stay fit so I hit the gym often. I like to cook, read, talk, and sleep. I am also a stress eater meaning I don’t overeat because of stress, I get stressed because I’m full and couldn’t eat more.
I spend most of my time exploring new things and testing them out. I like to TRAVEL and write free verse (Oh wait I guess we can connect on INSTA and TWITTER, Love to hear your feedback anytime)

And Muuuuuuusssssssic.

When the right music hits you, you are on a different dimension without any illegal influence. Music is a lifesaver for everyone for sure. Exploring new music is one of my favorite hobbies.

vignesh mohan

From where do you get your ideas and how are you working on this?

I spend a lot of time reading books and contents about self-improvements, psychology, spirituality, relationships, love, mindfulness, simplicity, and emotions.

All the blog posts here will be true to my knowledge and will be of help to overcome any difficulties that you are going through in your life. My blogs may contravene with few existing self-guide advice, I structure them in a way to help people to have a proper idea about what they are going through and how to overcome them.
PS: You are always welcomed to correct me or give feedback on any of my posts. I’ll work on your feedback and the required modification will be done if necessary. I want you to know that I am glad you offered feedback. Thank you for being supportive

Do all motivational content creators have a troublesome journey… did u also have one?

Both … Yes and No….. But don’t we all have a sad one…? Whatever it may be racism, inferiority, betrayal, financial issues, self-doubt, trust, love, depression… etc. Some of us overcome our setbacks and handle it very well while others need a little help. It is true that, “he who is strongest is the one who asks help when needed and helps others when he can“… We all need one another at least at some point in our lives.

The point is always to be yourself and make a difference irrespective of what we have been through. 

Do you really think your content can be of any help to others and you can be successful in whatever you are trying to do?

It may or may not be of any help to others and I have no idea if I can or cannot make any personal benefits from whatever I’m trying to do now. But isn’t that what I’m trying to insist on from the beginning, we have to do things that we like irrespective of the money, name, or fame it can bring to us. 

By keeping a clear intention and not disturbing others peace of mind we are always good to go for what we want. Every step you take towards your true self is a great achievement it takes courage to step out of the herd mindset. (I’m saying this again for myself and for you too )

PS: What you consider success is up to you to decide.

 Let’s stay connected you seem to be breathtaking …

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