50 Best ways to create Peace of Mind and stay happy

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This blog has the BEST 50 WAYS ON HOW YOU CAN CREATE A PEACE OF MIND within yourself covering every aspect of your life and telling you how to do it. I bet the FACT I added in the FINAL THOUGHTS SECTION will amaze you.

Peace of mind is not a goal or something you achieve. It is something you create within yourself by doing things you like and repelling all the negativity thrown at you.       

Everything you feel comes from the inside, so it is vital how you train yourself to feel and react about the things happening around you. 

Once you have control over how you feel and express, you can handle the things that stress you out very efficiently. The same goes the other way around too.

When you fix things around you, you start to experience peace within yourself. If you are confused about what I’m saying, Even though you are good at keeping your mindset in check, things like hanging out with a toxic person, Narcissist, a racist boss, or co-workers is unhealthy and can destroy your peace.

You may have come across people saying that one way of being in peace is to give up everything you have. It is not always possible, and we are not saints or yogis. 

Many of us are bounded by responsibilities and relationships and not everyone can make a sudden change to our lifestyle overnight as that can impact the lives of people dependent on us.

So it is crucial how we fix what we feel within us and how to handle and sometimes avoid the things happening around us. It is also important how we practice and maintain a relationship with others so you can create or preserve your peace of mind.

This blog is all about how you fix things within yourself, practice good deeds and handle the outside experience, so you create peace of mind and stay happy forever.


If you need to start creating your peace of mind, you start with your family, fix the misunderstanding, or start to spend more time with your family.

  1. Talk to your family: 

Make sure to talk least to one of your family members every day. It’s no magic how a familiar voice can ease away your stress and pain. 

  1. Have one meal a day with family: 

Having one meal together as a family increases your bond and a chance to share and get advice about the things happening in your life. 

  1. Spend quality time:

It’s all about building memories with people we love. When you start spending quality time, you feel more lovable and you create peace of mind.  

  1. Support each other:  

You always need your family to back you up and they need you. Be available if one of your family members needs help.


With your responsibilities behind you, sometimes you feel stuck in a job that makes you lose your peace of mind and happiness and may not be in a position to make a sudden change that will impact the people you love.

These below practices can help you not lose your chill and manage your peace in the work environment.

  1. Control your anger: 

Keep your temper in check as it’s so obvious you will explode even by a very small incident that triggers you.  

  1. Be more patient: 

Control yourself from engaging in any heated argument or unpleasant situation with your co-workers and approach what you have in a friendly manner.

  1. Stay away from politics: 

Maintain a distance from the group that picks on someone, even if you don’t involve in this directly staying and enjoying what’s happening or not standing against it is also like being a part of this. 

  1. Things are not personal: 

Never consider your work efficiency and believe that is who you are. You may not be the best suitable person for the current job role. Find what you are good at and keep trying.

  1. Be kind to your co-workers: 

Being kind to your co-workers, forms a bond of trust and support. They will be happy with the feeling that someone is kind to them, and it will help them to handle their situation better.


Friends who genuinely care about us and be there for us are a blessing. There is no need to do anything to create a peace of mind if you have a good friend circle. 

  1. Maintain a positive circle: 

You should consider changing your circle if your friends constantly pull you down, be mean to you and come to you only when they need something. You have to surround yourself with people who support you, care for you and help you live a happy life.

  1. Appreciate others growth:

You should learn to celebrate your friend’s victory and consider it as your own. It not always about finding people who make you feel better; you should be there for people to help them to handle their life.

  1. Set and respect boundaries:

 It is really important not to cross the line in any relationship. Even you have a place that you want to keep away from everyone, remember how violated you feel when your boundaries are crossed.

  1. Make time for your friends:

Life gets busier as we get age, our responsibilities compel us to cancel or miss occasion with friends. Always make time and spend time with your friends whenever possible.



You may have everything you need, but if you are not doing what you love, even the current job generates a good amount of money, you will feel disturbed or less involved to be creative and have a satisfying life.

  1. Start working on your dreams:

Start working on the dream that keeps coming to you irrespective of how many times you run away or reason yourself from working on it. How will you find peace if there is a difference in mind and reality? 

  1. Identify what sets your soul on fire: 

Mostly your instinct knows what you want to be and what will give you happiness, but you never started it because you thought there was no future or scope.

If you are completely unsure what to do, start to try things on by one and you know which is a hobby and which is the one that you want to do for the rest of your life.


Reliving the past is one of the best ways to lose control of who you are and kill your peace of mind. You are stuck in the present thinking about the past and betraying your future.

  1. Less of worrying about the past: 

It may be because of your ignorance or a mistake of others. You should find ways to overcome your situation that is holding you from making progress with your life and creating your peace of mind.

  1. Let it out: 

If the past torments you when you are alone or even when surrounded by people, you have to let it out, speak about it to the people you trust, cry about it or seek professional help is required. 

  1. Stop holding grudges: 

You may have a strong reason to hold a grudge, but don’t you feel violated that they have ruined your past but still have an impact on your present?

Suppose you are the person who is living in the past and can’t get over it. See my blog on the 15 best tips to let go of our past


Your routine work can drive you crazy and keep you away from the sense of adventure. You get an experience only when you step into something new. You always need a new mindset to handle your old and to create peace within yourself.

  1. Test your limits: 

Set new limits and create new boundaries; you feel challenged and know how much you can improvise. The feel of achievement can bring you satisfaction and peace. 

test your limits

  1. Be true to yourself:

Societies view on success is purely based on how much you earn and has nothing to do with how you feel about yourself. Focus on what you want, what makes you feel happy and start working on it.


By not confining devotion only to god, when you devote yourself to a cause, a goal, or a process, you tend to ignore external aspects that troubles you.

  1. Visit a temple: 

It is believed that when you visit a temple, church, mosque, etc. you are hit with positive vibes, and you feel much better about yourself. Praying and believing it to happen has been commonly agreed to create peace within yourself and maintain your mental stability. 

  1. Devote to a cause:

When you devote yourself to a goal/cause, you only focus on overcoming obstacles and becoming more committed to your work. 

  1. Worship song: 

Even though there are multiple religions, all religion has in common is a worship song, chanting in groups or singing along in temple relieves your stress and helps you create peace of mind.


Although this is not much discussed, the world remains a better place because of compassion towards humans and other living beings. 

  1. Join volunteer work: 

You gain more exposure to life and understand your role in this world when you meet people from different lifestyles background. Giving back to society is essential to create your peace of mind.

  1. Visit Orphanages: 

When you visit orphanages, you see how blessed you are to have born healthy and to live with a family. The unsatisfied life you have is the dream of every child you see in there. 

  1. Practice donating when someone asks for help:

When you give someone without expecting anything in return, your compassions triggers your peace and creates a sense of fulfillment. You can start to practice by donating a small amount now and then. 

  1. Take care of your circle: 

Keep an eye on your close circle, be there for them even if it is not asked. This only helps your relationship to grow, and they know they have someone no matter what the odds are. 


When you are in a troublesome relationship, you spend most of the days thinking and worrying about things that went wrong or not living up to your partner’s expectations. When you only concentrate on things that go wrong, you will lose your peace of mind.

  1. Understand your partner: 

Try to have a clear cut conversation with your partner on their expectations and where your relationship lags. You don’t have to change into a completely different person, but it’s your responsibility to show love and make your partner feel secure.

peace of mind

  1. Trust breaks insecurity: 

One of the core problems of any relationship is insecurities. If you manage to create a medium of trust, you can avoid all kind of emotional dramas. Once you spend enough time showing how you feel about your partner, you have a smooth relationship.

  1. What is there for you will be for you: 

You need to understand that you can never force someone to feel the same way as you do for them. You can do your best and that’s all you can do about this. If things go wrong, you have to believe that person was not for you. 

  1. Break up is not so bad:  

If your relationship ends, you experience serious mental disturbances and let control of all essential things in your life. Accept that relationship ended because it couldn’t provide value to you or your partner. It may not seem that way initially, but it will end up being good for you. 


  1. Hobby:

When you are so saturated and stuck, you should consider working on your hobby every now and then. When you fulfill a small plan, you feel good about yourself.

  1. Stop comparing yourself:

Your journey is different from others. You need to understand that pressuring yourself to be more or equal to someone will cost you to lose your uniqueness. Accepting your flaws and by doing what you like, you can create your peace of mind.

  1. Have a proper sleep: 

Losing sleep or not having an appropriate sleep cycle is more than enough to invite all kinds of miseries to your mental and physical health. Start having a proper sleep regime, and you will feel a lot better about yourself.

  1. Stay away from negative people: 

Negative people have negative thoughts about every happening of their life. When you spend enough time with them every day, your positive thoughtfulness will be at risk.

  1. Forget and forgive: 

Stop holding to a person or an incident. There is nothing much you can do about it. It would help if you learned to forgive yourself or others for the mistake that happened and move on with your life.

  1. Relax and pace it down: 

When you lose your peace considering things happening the way you never expected them to be, you get so anxious and want to fix it somehow. Remember you can only have control over you feeling and nothing else. So relax and take it slowly one by one. 

  1. Eat your favorite food:

When you have a bad day or bad incident, eat your favorite food, and it will instantly boost your mind, you may not find solutions to things that push your peace away, but with good food in the stomach, the mind operates better.


It’s your body’s natural response to react positively and be at peace whenever you exercise. Your body releases chemicals that enhance your thinking and overall health.

  1. Meditate:

It is vital to be conscious and have control over your emotions. By performing meditation, you are untroubled from external influence, have more control over your needs, and can better handle social stereotypes better.

 Breathing exercise:

Depending on your thoughts and emotions, your body’s breathing pattern varies. So stabilizing your breathing helping you be at peace.

  1. Physical exercise: 

Engaging in physical activity of any form can help your body release happy hormone endorphins that relieve stress. You will always be able to create peace of mind when involved in any type of physical activity like resistance training, dancing, yoga, etc.


Your day to day activities plays a vital role in maintaining your peace of mind. Every small realizations and acceptance that you blend into your life can have a drastic effect on how you see the world.

  1. Acceptance of life:  

Maintain realistic expectations. You can’t draft your views on how some things should be and expect life to fit into it. You are free to live a life that does not make sense to others.


This is a necessary mindset you need to adapt to create a peace of mind. You should know how to live with less and with what you have. Buying or desiring something that isn’t of your need is a severe problem you have to overcome. 

  1. Get a pet:

It’s no magic how instantly we feel better when we start to spend time with pets. You become emotionally calm when you get the same love you shower. 

get a pet



  1. Money is not the key: 

Our lifestyle is indeed build based on the money we earn, but we often spend energy to make more money to reach an affluent lifestyle instead of living to fulfill what satisfies us.

  1. Plant trees: 

Develop the habit of planting trees in case of insufficient space, start gardening. You get a sense of accomplishment when you grow a plant or a tress, which triggers your sense of peace. 


  1. Positive affirmations:

Repeat the positive mantra a few times in a day. Believing good things will happen to you will bring you positivity, happiness, and peace.

  1. Gratitude:

Being thankful and appreciating what you have is important. When you are grateful for what you have and know it’s enough, your gratitude will help you create your peace of mind.


Travel is a proven solution for all your setbacks. The enormous wisdom you get from the people you meet, the place you stay and the food you eat awakens your conscious level. When you are conscious about your life, you create peace with every single work.

  1. Music:

Millions of people have already said this, and I’m going to repeat this again. The music puts you in a very relaxing mood and hits you with a positive wave. It helps you in many ways, like handling your pain, relieving you from stress, improving your performance, and create peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts

I was really surprised to know that probability of you and me being born is one in 400 trillion. You read it right! It’s so much and so big you should be glad that you are being here and breathing right now.

I know it’s difficult to see through the dust, but it’s your life, you are one in 400 trillion possibility that happened and I feel it’s really sad you don’t know your own worth. You managed to make it here, so make your life worthwhile not for anyone but for yourself.  

 Subconsciously we are programmed and exposed to facts that make us compete with others even without thinking who we are and what we want. If you live a life only in delusion of what it is rather that living it in your own way, no amount of money or time will help you be in peace.

Your life will be a quest to find the peace you lost in yourself.

It is really ironic how people are so obsessed with resting in peace but never want to live in peace.

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