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Curious to know all the 200 Best ways to tell someone you love them?


It’s always safer to be sure if you are into that person. Before you say it, let me help you out with a few common signs to know if you are in love.

Also, I have added 10 ways on how to show that you love them without saying a word at the end of the article.

You can prefer expressing your feeling through texts or letter notes, but its best when you look at them when you say it.

I made sure that quotes numbered with multiples of 5 are special.

Let’s dive in.


There are a lot of ways on how you fall in love with someone. I’m sure that you will have a few of these 15 signs for your question, “Am I in love?”

#1 You keep checking your phone every 1 minute.

#2 Everything reminds you of them.

#3 You always keep talking about them to others.

#4 You are reading your conversations again and again.

#5 You are too excited to meet them.

#6 You are curious to know about their life.

#7 You start to notice that you are losing your appetite.

#8 Their Gross stuff doesn’t trouble you.

#9 You are more energetic than ever.

#10 You forget about your Ex.

#11 You have difficulty focusing on your day to day tasks.

#12 Sometimes, you notice yourself becoming jealous when they hang out with their opposite gender friends.

#13 You start to daydream your future with them and imagining fake scenarios in your mind.

#14 You feel your heart beats and bleeds for two souls.

#15 Finally, You know if its love (The Best Sign ever).

You may have experienced a few of the above or all the mentioned signs, which is good. Now pick your favorite way to tell someone you love them.

200 Best ways to tell someone you love them

Love in words is one of the best ways to tell somebody you love them and how much they mean to you.

  1. I’ll be there whenever you need me.
  2. I want to keep you happy for the rest of my life.
  3. I feel like home with you.
  4. You make me feel safe.
  5. Can you pose for me? I feel like painting my future. 
  6. You make butterflies fly in my stomach.
  7. You are my cup of happiness.
  8. You are my secret keeper.
  9. I feel pain when you go through agony.
  10. You are the blessing of my mom’s prayer.
  11. You are my cupcake.
  12. I want to hold your hand forever
  13. I want to hug you for a lifetime.
  14. You make me a better person
  15. You make me feel there is more to reality than what we see with our eyes
  16. I love the way you care about my feeling.
  17. You are my king/Queen.
  18. You belong with me
  19. I exist because of you.
  20. Is it just me or even the universe falls in love with you when you flip your hair? 
  21. You make me believe in myself when nobody else could.
  22. You are my destiny
  23. I’m glad I found an angel to lift me whenever I fall.
  24. I want to spend the rest of my life waking up beside you.
  25. Can we make us feel the same way about each other for the rest of your lives?
  26. Only three things keep me alive you, you, and you.
  27. Your smile makes me happy
  28. I see my future in you.
  29. Whenever I see you, I just want to keep seeing you.
  30. The World feels safe when I’m with you.
  31. I love the way you breathe.
  32. You make a lot of things possible for me.
  33. I admire how you think about my feeling before you say your thoughts.
  34. Your wisdom saved me from misery.
  35. Why do I hear your voice even when you are not here…? Is This Love?
  36. You make me fall in love with you every day.
  37. I can’t take my eyes off our pictures.
  38. I Trust you.
  39. I could face the World with you by my side.
  40. You can look into my eyes and see what you are to me.
  41. I’m glad that I met you.
  42. You are my everything.
  43. I can sit with you and feel peace without saying anything.
  44. I would choose you for the rest of my life.
  45. With all the music in the World, your heartbeat is my favorite.
  46. I want to grow old with you together.
  47. You are my Lobster.
  48. I feel your vibe in me.
  49. The feelings we share are priceless.
  50. I would fold and keep you in my pocket so you can be close to my heart wherever I go. 
  51. I love the way you make me feel good about myself.
  52. You make me feel alive than I ever was.
  53. You accepted my flaws when I couldn’t.
  54. My life is easier with you in it.
  55. You heal the scars on my soul.
  56. You are worth living.
  57. I live for you.
  58. It always feels like our first kiss.
  59. I’ll hold on forever as I know you are the one.
  60. How do we keep getting closer when we are already so close?
  61. You are my No1.
  62. I need you like I always do.
  63. You fill my soul with hope, faith, trust, and love.
  64. I’m sorry , I can’t stop thinking about you.
  65. I think the love I have on you has nothing to do with love but everything to do with you.
  66. I started to tell bees and birds what you are to me.
  67. You showed me that wonders could be true.
  68. You are my guiding star through the chaos.
  69. I want to be your sleeping child.
  70. You make me feel better than my favorite music. 
  71. If the World ends tomorrow, you are the only person I want to be.
  72. You are the only thought that I’m always thinking of.
  73. Your lips deserve a kiss for every word you say.
  74. Every time I Look at you, my soul remains serene.
  75. You are the moon in the pale blue sky.
  76. You make me forgot everything whenever I am with you.
  77. Lately, I have a feeling that we are made for each other.
  78. The World feels less scary when your arms are around me.
  79. You have successfully taught me how to not live without you.
  80. Should I just say or make you feel loved by the way I kiss you?
  81. I feel your love in the air.
  82. You are the type that people think about when they write a song.
  83. What am I without you?
  84. You make me feel things that I have never felt before.
  85. I stocked up a few XXL Shirts hoping we can fit into it together.
  86. And Suddenly all the love songs are about you
  87. You are my tomorrow.
  88. Why does this feeling seem so right?
  89. I gave up on love and then you happened.
  90. You are the kind of love I read in books.. 
  91. I promise to be with you only twice in my life today and forever.
  92. I never believed that I could see my entire future in a person.
  93. Whenever you touch me, I get to feel how the universe collides.
  94. As time flies by, I can only be more sure of us being together.
  95. Stop being cute. I have already fallen a trillion times in love with you.
  96. I can confess my love in a second, but I’ll need a lifetime to prove it.
  97. Everything I see and do feels so beautiful after I fell in love with you
  98. You are my unbreakable reality.
  99. You are that song that never leaves my mind.
  100. I’m curious to know how our children will look like.
  101. I am going to punish you by stealing your last time for making me fall in love with you.
  102. You are always my best dream.
  103. I want to get lost with you.
  104. I intent to be where my heart is, so I’m going to stay with you forever.
  105. I figured out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. You!
  106. You are my best mistake.
  107. I want to give you all the love you deserve.
  108. I know I’ll never be hit by such intense love.
  109. You are the distraction I prefer.
  110. I love the way you made my imperfections flawless.
  111. I feel like winning every time I lose myself to you.
  112. I believe our love can still make sense in all the dimensions.
  113. I never want to lose you
  114. I’m not sure when or where it happened, I’m just glad it happened.
  115. I saw through you and found myself there. I know this is love.
  116. There is no language to express how much I love you.
  117. I can spend the rest of my life waiting for you.
  118. I feel I was born to hold hands with you.
  119. I would never give up on you because I see forever in you.
  120. You Cuteness is the question I want to answer for the rest of my life.
  121. You may not be perfect for the World, but you are perfect for me.
  122. You proved me that people can fall in love within seconds.
  123. You make my fairytales come true.
  124. Can we get married so we can talk like this for a lifetime?
  125. You are what when love takes a human form. 
  126. I found myself through you.
  127. Hearing you laugh makes me feel better.
  128. I am where I want to be with you.
  129. You are my beginning and end of everything.
  130. Fight all you can, I’ll make you fall in love with me again tomorrow.
  131. I feel lucky having you by my side.
  132. My life doesn’t make any sense without you in it.
  133. It’s our time to redefine love.
  134. I am dedicating my everlasting love to you.
  135. The World disappointed me, but the universe gifted me with you 
  136. If you think I’m not thinking of you always, you are an Idiot.
  137. Whatever I’m sharing with you now, I want to continue doing that for the rest of my life.
  138. Don’t you think that we are always meant to be together?
  139. You are the love I was looking for, you are more, and you are better.
  140. I Love you 3000.   
  141. I am never used to dreams becoming a reality until you proved me wrong. Dreams come true because you did. 
  142. I want to face all the unknown with you by my side.
  143. I am going out of my mind thinking of you.
  144. I’ll risk my all too just stay with you.
  145. You are my perfect mess.
  146. You are my bundle of happiness.
  147. You are one million feelings in one single feeling.
  148. Let’s lie under the stars and talk for hours.
  149. I want to see the future only if you are in it.
  150. I know you are the one when your kiss touched my soul.
  151. I don’t know how to say. So tell me you love me.
  152. I never knew falling so hard can also give you serenity.
  153. You are my guiding star.
  154. I went outside to have my dinner thought it was the moon. But it was you.
  155. Why do you keep looking at me? Just propose to me, and I will say yes.
  156. I can’t wait to see you again, so stay with me forever.
  157. You say you see me as a friend, but your eyes tell a completely different story.
  158. I’m tired of deleting the texts I want to send you. Will you be mine so I can say whatever I feel?
  159. No matter how hard I try. I can’t get enough of you.
  160. My feeling are compelling me to be with you always.
  161. I never thought destiny could be a person.
  162. I stopped searching for my reasons after I found you.
  163. I promise to believe in love as long as you are in it.
  164. You fixed a broken heart now I’m all yours.
  165. Walk with me because I have got the keys to your life.
  166. I get flattered whenever you talk to me.
  167. Stop being so cute I can’t find sleep lately because all I am thinking of Is you.
  168. Yesterday dint fade away because you were in it.
  169. I know living with you will be an everlasting thrill.
  170. Should I say to Romeo and Juliet that our story will be better than theirs?
  171. My journey ends this moment from now on. It will be our journey.
  172. I know nothing in this world can change the way I feel about you.
  173. Stop staring at me or I’ll kiss you.
  174. You are my hope in despair and weakness in love.
  175. I have planned to name our first child {Your favorite name}… Isn’t it amazing?
  176. I can think of 1000 new ways to tell you how I feel about you each day.
  177. Limitless is how I can describe my feelings for you.
  178. I love the feeling of being myself when I’m with you.
  179. Nothing has sacred me than the thought of losing you.
  180. I don’t need any excuses for making me fall in love with you. Marry me!
  181. You are my soul saver.
  182. Seeing you happy makes my day.
  183. You mean love to me.
  184. My heart was upset with me because I made you upset yesterday.
  185. I should ask the Cupid to stop hitting me with the arrow because I’m already in love with you.
  186. I am trying to build a conversation with you, where the words are not enough.
  187. You are always my first reason to be happy.
  188. You light up my heart without even saying a word.
  189. Being with you is beautiful.
  190. You are my irresistible desire.
  191. My heart is in chaos whenever you are not around.
  192. If I ever write a letter to you, I will sign it as “sincerely yours.”
  193. Making memories with you is my favorite routine.
  194. Your voice is my wakeup call.
  195. I’m glad the universe sent you to me, now I can have one on my own.
  196. 196I know what love is because of you.
  197. You are my favorite everyday routine.
  198. I feel you will look good on me.
  199. I now believe in karma. It gave me the best for the worst I have been through.
  200. I LOVE YOU– This never gets old no matter how long, does it?

Being unique helps a lot, it forms a deep connection, and it will be a delightful way to express your feelings to let them know you care for them.

I know it’s always going to be tight with the intensity your heart creates when you are near that particular person, and you feel the urge to wait a little longer to express yourself.

If you managed to pick the best way to tell someone you love them and now feeling a bit hesitant, Don’t worry. I got your back. Below you will find the 10 best ways on how you can show them you love them without actually saying it.

200 best ways to tell someone you love them

10 Best ways to show someone you love them without saying it.

  1. Surprise them by cooking their favorite food, Even if you are bad at cooking.
  2. Get them a memorable gift.
  3. Go shopping with them even though it’s not your ideal choice.
  4. Clean the house with them.
  5. Listen to their childhood stories and embarrassing moments and tell them it was an adorable story.
  6. Treat them with a dessert.
  7. Introduce them to your friends and family. This shows that you are proud to have them in your life.
  8. Take them to your favorite place. If possible, take them on a road trip and share your life stories with them.
  9. Include notes to surprise them.
  10. Finally, Respect them.


Final Thoughts:

Falling in love is itself a miracle.

You don’t need any reason to stop yourself from saying how you feel..! People deserve to know how others think about them, and you deserve the love you are willing to give others.

And if things don’t work the way you wanted it to be, it’s only because you deserve better, Pick yourself up, love your life, live it to the fullest. Have your own peace within you and love will hit you again.

Remember, “What’s for you will always be yours.”

Don’t wait too long to tell someone you love them as we are all left with is only today.

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