14 traits that can help you become a self-actualized person

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I remember studying Maslow hierarchy of needs in college but never though the top hierarchy self-actualization would have so much worth to it. 

When I came across the word again, i thoughts this could be a boring one but i took a moment to look into a bit further and glad i dint skip it. 

Self-actualization is the ultimate driving force that pushes us to find and follow our purpose. Before I jump into the importance of adopting the traits into our lifestyle, I added some textbook explanations, which I thought you should also take a look to get a deep understanding.

Yes, incorporating these qualities is going to make a difference. So hop on.

What is self-actualization? 

Self-actualization is the state of being the best version of yourself and becoming your higher self. It is the drive inside you that helps you to find your purpose and pursue it.

Self-actualization is a state of mind where you look at life the way it is, be open to ideas and be free from external validation. 

“Self-actualization is the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.”

To give you an exact image on self-actualized persons in real life,

A sculpture who has never earned a good amount of money with great happiness continuous to sculpt statue everyday.

A writer finding satisfaction in finishing his book with complete negligence of money or fame he may get from the book.

Maslow Hierarchy of needs

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who is best known for his work “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”. He designed a model based on how human motivation progresses to the next level. To reach new heights, the below needs should be satisfied.

self actualized person

Many philosophers all around the world agreed with this famous hierarchy. If the person meets his psychological and basic needs, they move to a self-actualized mindset to find their purpose and pursue it. 

Everyone is unique and stepping into the self-actualized mindset can drive a person in different ways where some find happiness in art, some in literature, some in spirituality and other customs.

The flexibility of the hierarchy

According to Maslow, the self-actualization is the top, and a person can step into self-actualized mindset after satisfying the below needs.

But a recent study shows that people want to be self-actualized to achieve esteem and external validation which is violating the principle, but we live in a world of uncertainty and it becomes a challenge for many people to even cope up with their basic needs.

Even though people’s basic needs and security are at risk, they still demand mutual respect which is morality.

Consider this scenario:

How will someone be able to meet their higher self if they are unsure where your next meal comes from or have no proper shelter to rest?

Most of the day will be spent only on finding the source of food and in search of shelter to rest. So we understand the difficulty a person will face while trying to reach a self-actualized state without satisfying the basic needs.

Let’s go through the 14 traits that can help you become a self-actualized person. 

14 traits that can help you become a self-actualized person.

  1. Have a higher level of Acceptance:

    self actualized person

Self-actualized people accept themselves and other people for who they are; they also support the people around them to never feel worried about their lives and help them to live it in a better way.

They understand and promote the fact that life is precious, and everyone has their flaws, and our actions can be focused on improvising and not letting ourself down.

They don’t live artificially for external validation and accept their desires as such. The first step to transform or become something unique is to realize where we stand and work on what we lack. 

  1. They have a good sense of creativity and are Spontaneous:

Self-actualized people usually think out of the box and come up with creative ideas to overcome a setback or solve a problem.

They are not terrified by the unknown and are unconventional. They are free from cultural influences which help them to be spontaneous.  

  1. They maintain deep and meaningful relationships:

Self-actualized people maintain a sincere and intense relationship, they avoid ego, mistrust, and are very understanding of their partners. 

They maintain a friendly and affectionate relationship with others. They are kind and treat everyone equally irrespective of their education, origin or sexuality. 

  1. Frequent Peak Experience:

    self actualized person

A peak experience is when someone feels the highest moments of joy, wonder or ecstasy over an experience.

Self- actualized people know they are not perfect and accept them for who they are, every work done by a self-actualized person is done wholeheartedly.

This helps them to experience peak moments more often than normal people.

  1. They enjoy Privacy and solitude:

    self actualized person

They are not troubled to be alone, whereas they find it as quality time to explore and discover themselves. Self-actualized people love to be in the company of others and are social but value their time in solitude.

  1. Enjoys the journey and never really worry about the destination:

Self-actualized people are excited and thrilled about their day to day experience from their journey and least bothered about the destination.

They choose to live in the moment and be free from the anxiety of how things can end up.

  1. Problem-solving Capability:

    self actualized person

Self-actualized people put themselves in the situation to solve real-time problems.

They believe they have an inbuilt duty to make the world a better place by trying to find solutions for world problems and help the people around them to overcome their sufferings.

  1. Have a good sense of humour:

They have a great sense of humour on the incidents happening around them and on their own mistakes too.

They are very mindful of never making others as a fun element and hurt their emotions.

  1. They lack prejudice:

    self actualized person

They are not biased based on people’s background; self-actualized people consider everyone the same.

They lack preconception towards the people irrespective of other’s opinion about them. This quality helps them to overcome negative feelings and stereotyped beliefs. 

  1. They establish an Autonomous Mindset :

“They believe that world cannot provide them the happiness that they cannot provide for themself”

They are independent and find satisfaction from their personal development. They do not depend on others, society or the world to give them the fulfilment or the glee they require. 

They do not mind the opinion of others and make sure it does not govern them in any indirect manner.        

  1. Developed sense of compassion:

    self actualized person

Self-actualized people demonstrate the ability to show empathy and compassion. They put themselves in others situation and understand their feelings. 

With no intension of any personal gain from the help they offer, they try their best to save people from their despairs.

  1. Identify and progress towards their purpose:

Self-Actualized people adopt a purpose for themself and strive to achieve it. Their aim isn’t always reaching a new zone of self-improvement, their purpose varies based on the individuals.

They tend to set their plan beyond their limit and try their best to accomplish them.

  1. Not a sheep, nor a rebel:

 Self-actualized people do not go with whatever the people believe and impose on them like sheep and but also not reject every idea or thought put in front of them like an insensible rebel. 

They analyze the thoughts with their morality and wisdom before taking a stand.  

  1. They are a person of morality:

    self actualized person

Self-actualized people have a better perception of their belief and live to keep up to it. 

Their sense of morality helps them to be authentic and help them to live a pleasant life.

Final thoughts:

It is true that you can’t achieve the complete self-actualization state without the meeting the below needs, but you can always integrate the self-actualized mindset in your daily lifestyle as much as possible.

Sometimes it’s not your fault to live from paycheck to paycheck, but it’s your fault if you never attempt to improvise your mindset and upgrade your lifestyle.

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