10 Sureshot methods to conquer your loneliness

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Loneliness is a state of mind where you feel unwanted, worthless, or empty.

A person tends to feel lonely when he is isolated from an existing social group or when he wants company and doesn’t find it.

There are a lot of other reasons that could make a person feel lonely, like, when they move to a new environment, post breaking up from a relationship or a sedentary lifestyle.

No two people experience loneliness the same way, and similar incidents won’t trigger the same level of loneliness in people. Before delving deep into loneliness, a lot of people confuse between being alone and feeling lonely,

Aloneness vs loneliness

Aloneness is when there is nobody around you. You don’t have any negative feelings about it and it doesn’t affect your mindset.

Consider this example- I live alone in my apartment – A person could be living alone happily in his apartment.

Aloneness is a state of being and not a mindset. Whereas, Loneliness is a feeling of detachment you experience when you are being avoided or when you lack the feeling of being accepted or needed by people around you.

If feeling lonely not looked upon in the initial stages, it can lead to adverse health and mind conditions.

You start to feel lonely because of some unfavorable incidents and failed expectations. The thoughts and fear of the negative incidents happening to you again, or thinking your life will remain the same throughout can disrupt your lifestyle. If not taken seriously, this can lead to anxiety and depression.

10 methods to conquer your loneliness:

There could be a lot of reasons why you end up feeling lonely, but you have to realize the fact that these are uncertainties and temporary troubles that everyone faces at some point of time in their life. You can follow these 10 sure shot methods to conquer your loneliness and stop feeling miserable.

  1. Brighten up the relationships you already have with people:

You have to start reconnecting with people. You may have a list of people whom you have lost on the way without any specific reason. They could be someone in your friends or family circle. Give them a ring, try to pick up from where you left, meet them for lunch or dinner.

Another best way to brighten your connections is to have a regular conversation with the people next door. Talk whenever you get a chance, and thicken the existing bond with your neighbors.

  1. Nurture your hobby: 

 Another way to kick loneliness in the ass is by giving importance to your hobbies. You may be engaging in your hobbies now and then, but starting now, practice with additional care and be consistent, so you can excel in what you are doing.

If you play a sport for a hobby, think of becoming more professional at it, invest more time, and get expert advice to improvise. This can help you to perform better and develop your mindset.

  1. Get a pet: 

Most of the time we feel lonely when we are alone or when we have nothing to do.

Would you ever feel lonely if you are busy loving or when being loved?

So, get a pet, you will develop a sense of responsibility towards their life and invest time to look after them. It is a definite mind booster to watch your pet grow alongside you and as your connection strengthens, loneliness flies away.

  1. Take a break from social Media:

I know you must be thinking this sounds insane, as you feel you are coping up with loneliness only with the help of social media.

To be honest it’s the opposite. You are still struggling to get out of the loneliness mindset because you are attached to social media. Most of the lifestyle portrayed there is fake. When you indulge too much into believing that others are always happy and define happiness only based on how others show it, you are never going to get out of the miserable mindset.

You are just killing the chances of forming a new relationship or bettering your mindset, by wasting your time on social media and hoping to form a lifestyle that isn’t even true.

  1. Try part-time job: 

A lot of us feel lonely because of an isolated lifestyle that we have been following for a certain period. Try to do or learn something new.

Taking a part-time job can be a great way to kill your loneliness. You learn sometimes new, meet new people and you also get paid for what you do. If you don’t like the job, you can quit it any time.

Your chances of overcoming loneliness is greater when you step into reality and allow yourself to be better.

  1. Give what you don’t have:

Try to involve in activities that can make people feel better about themselves, you can join volunteering or a social workgroup and help the people around you.

It might not be easy with the troubled mindset you already have. But when you meet people who need your help to be a better person and realize that your presence can make a difference in their life, it makes you feel better and help you overcome your loneliness.

  1. Reverse engineer your feeling:


Are you feeling lonely because you don’t have your friends around you, stuck with a lifestyle you never wanted, or you are not around your favorite person?

The reason you feel lonely can be different from how others end up being feeling lonely. When you reverse engineer your feelings, you know why you started to feel this way.

Once you know the cause of loneliness, you can allow yourself to involve in activities that can change the outcome. Self-realization can be the best way to know where you stand and to get out of the lonely mindset.

  1. Develop a non-slavery mindset:

The biggest mistake many tend to do is to give in to the existing mindset and not do anything about it.

Nothing in the world has stayed the same over its lifetime; sometimes they grow and sometimes they recede. At times you may be stuck in a situation that may seem hopeless, but even at the toughest times, there will be things you can still do.

It is okay to accept the situation and hold yourself together till it vanishes, but developing a mindset that your feelings will remain the same or it only keeps worsening till the end, is just a hoax.

  1. Meet someone new: 

You can meet a unique person on your social media platforms and develop a connection, or develop a relationship with people of similar interest in forums or public groups.

Meeting a new person can be a life-changer. You get to know a person from a completely different mindset and background. You may end up developing a lifetime relationship with them.

When you are exposed to people with movable qualities, your gloomy mind gets a chance to change.

  1. Integrating physical activities into day to day lifestyle and maintaining a proper sleep cycle:

It’s not something that you haven’t heard already. Engaging in physical activity of any form can be a massive contributor to your mental health.

It’s really important to keep in mind that with regular exercise, it is necessary that we eat properly and maintain a regular sleep cycle.

Improper sleep pattern can keep you awake at night, where overthinking and insecurities can be a massive contributor to disrupt your serenity.

Final Thoughts: 

A ton of people believe that being positive always helps them to handle life better, and are sure that good things are happening to them because they live this way.

This shows why a lot of people keep experiencing bad events in life, they only focus on things that aren’t healthy and cling to the thought that something bad is going to happen to them.

Loneliness doesn’t last long and will go away. It develops into a chronic illness only if you don’t take any measures in improvising your mindset.

It is healthy to feel the negative emotions now and then, so you can appreciate the positive things happening in your life.

But always remember to hold on to yourself and not give in to any negative feelings that come your way.

Happiness and peace are the next great things that are waiting for you ahead. All you have to do is to step out of the loneliness mindset and keep moving forward.

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